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Bulldog with a tape measure around its neck for Style Hound Australia sizing


Style Hounds offers a wide range of collar styles and sizes for all dogs, big and small. To help you choose the right size for your dog we have included a size guide in the product description for each of our collars. Please use these individual size guides when selecting your size as there may be slight variations in sizing between the different styles. The guide shows the minimum and maximum neck measurement for each size.  Please note that the width of the collar may vary between the different sizes.

Please use the instructions below to measure your dog’s neck and then use this exact measurement when selecting from the size guide. To make things simple we have already included some wriggle room in our sizing so that your dog collar will fit firmly but still have some room to move. There’s no need to add in any extras in your measurement. Please do not measure the length of your dog’s existing collar as this will not be an accurate measurement for our size guide.

How to Measure your dog
There are 2 easy ways to measure your dog’s exact neck size.
  1. Take a flexible tape measure (centimetres) and measure a complete circle around your dog’s neck where the collar would naturally rest. Don’t pull it tightly and there’s no need to add in any extra. Use this exact measurement to look up which size will best fit your dog.

  2. Take a piece of string and measure a complete circle around your dog’s neck where the collar would naturally rest. Don’t pull it tightly and there’s no need to add in any extra. Take the string and measure the length by laying it flat against a ruler (centimetres). Use this exact measurement to look up which size will best fit your dog.
We have included a table below showing indicative neck sizes for some common breeds. This information is a general guideline only as each individual dog has different measurements. Please use your dog’s exact measurements when choosing the size for purchase.


    Many of our leads are available in either a Standard or Slim size. There are no hard and fast rules for selecting a lead size but generally the Slim size is more suited to a smaller collar (40cm or less) while the Standard size is more suited to the regular or larger collars (45cm and above).

    Indicative Neck Sizes for Common Breeds

    Dog Breed Indicative Neck Size
    Indicative Neck Size

    Afghan Hound

    40 to 56cm 16 to 22"
    Airdale Terrier 40 to 56cm 16 to 22"
    Akita 51 to 61cm 51 to 
    Alaskan Malamute 38 to 56cm 15-22″
    American Pit Bull Terrier 36 to 46cm 14-18”
    Australian Cattle Dog 55 to 71cm 22-28″
    Australian Kelpie 38 to 54cm 15-21″
    Australian Shepherd 40 to 56cm 16-22″
    Australian Shepherd Miniature 25 to 36cm 10-14”
    Basset Hound 40 to 56cm 16-22″
    Beagle 30 to 46cm 12-18″
    Belgian Malinois 40 to 51cm 16-20″
    Bernese Mountain Dog 51 to 66cm 20-26″
    Bichon Frise 35 to 46cm 14-18″
    Blue Heeler 55 to 71cm 22-28″
    Border Collie 35 to 46cm 14-18″
    Boston Terrier 30 to 46cm 12-18″
    Boxer 40 to 56cm 16-22″
    Bulldog (English) 46 to 61cm 18-24″
    Bulldog (French) 30 to 41cm 12-16″
    Bullmastiff 66 to 71cm 26-28″
    Bull Terrier 30 to 46cm 12-18″
    Bull Terrier Miniature 30 to 46cm 12-18″
    Cairn Terrier 25 to 41cm 10-16″
    Cane Corso 55 to 76cm 22-30″
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 25 to 41cm 10-16″
    Chihuahua 20 to 36cm 8-14″
    Chinese Crested 20 to 28cm 8-11″
    Chow 45 to 61cm 18-24″
    Cocker Spaniel 30 to 46cm 12-18″
    Collie 45 to 56cm 18-22″
    Dachshund Standard 40 to 51cm 16-20″
    Dachshund Miniature 20 to 31cm 8-12″
    Dalmatian 35 to 51cm 14-20″
    Doberman Pinscher 45 to 61cm 18-24″
    English Setter 45 to 61cm 18-24″
    Fox Terrier 25 to 41cm 10-16″
    German Shepherd 45 to 61cm 18-24″
    German Shorthair Pointer 38 to 43cm 15-17″
    Goldendoodle Miniature 35 to 41cm 14-16″
    Golden Retriever 40 to 61cm 16-24″
    Great Dane 51 to 66cm 20-26″
    Great Pyrenees 61 to 76cm 24-30″
    Greyhound 35 to 46cm 14-18″
    Greyhound Italian 20 to 28cm 8-11″
    Havanese 20 to 36cm 8-14″
    Irish Terrier 41 to 51cm 16-20″
    Irish Setter 41 to 56cm 16-22″
    Irish Wolfhound 51 to 69cm 20- 27″
    Jack Russell Terrier 25 to 36cm 10-14″
    King Charles Cavalier 25 to 41cm 10-16″
    Labrador Retriever 45 to 61cm 18-24″
    Labradoodle 35 to 51cm 14-20″
    Labradoodle Miniature 30 to 41cm 12-16″
    Lhasa Apso 30 to 41cm 12-16″
    Maltese 25 to 36cm 10-14″
    Newfoundland 66 to 81cm 26-32″
    Old English Sheepdog 45 to 61cm 18-24″
    Papillon 20 to 30cm 8-12″
    Pekingese 30 to 41cm 12-16″
    Pinscher Miniature 20 to 28cm 8-11″
    Pit Bull 35 to 45cm 14-18″
    Pomeranian 25 to 36cm 10-14″
    Poodle (Standard) 30 to 45cm 12-18″
    Poodle (Miniature) 25 to 41cm 10-16″
    Poodle (Toy) 20 to 36cm 8-14″
    Portuguese Water Dog 38 to 51cm 15-20″
    Pug 30 to 41cm 12-16″
    Puggle 30 to 45cm 12-18″
    Rhodesian Ridgeback 51 to 59cm 20-23″
    Rottweiler 61 to 76cm 24-30″
    St. Bernard 66 to 81cm 26-32″
    Saluki 33 to 46cm 13-18″
    Samoyed 46 to 56cm 18-22"
    Schnauzer Giant 51 to 66cm 20-26″
    Schnauzer Standard 36 to 51cm 14-20″
    Schnauzer Miniature 25 to 41cm 10-16″
    Scottish Terrier 36 to 51cm 14-20″
    Shar Pei 41 to 51cm 16-20″
    Shetland Sheep Dog “Sheltie” 28 to 46cm 11-18″
    Shiba Inu 36 to 43 cm 14-17″
    Shih Tzu 25 to 36cm 10-14″
    Siberian Husky 41 to 56cm 16-22″
    Silky Terrier 25 to 36cm 10-14″
    Springer Spaniel 36 to 46cm 14-18″
    Staffordshire Terrier 36 to 51cm 14-20″
    Vizsla 38 to 56cm 15-22″
    Weimaraner 41 to 56cm 16-22″
    West Highland Terrier 36 to 41cm 14-16″
    Whippet 33 to 38cm 13-15″
    Yorkshire Terrier 15 to 30cm 6-12″
    Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup) 10 to 20cm 4-8"