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About Us

Maddie the German Shepherd and Imola Novak, Style Hound Australia Owner, sitting in front of a hedge

Hello and welcome to Style Hound. My name is Imola Novak and I am the Founder and Owner of Style Hound Australia and here’s a little about us.

Who's Maddie? 

Maddie is our sweet, playful and slightly shy German Shepherd Dog. She is also the Style Hound ambassador and quality inspector. She came to us at 10 weeks old as a ball of fur with big ears and paws and she filled our lives with love and joy. It was my quest to find Maddie a beautiful, high quality collar and lead that led me to establish Style Hound.

2 images of Maddie the German Shepherd from Style Hound Australia s a young puppy


When I saw Maddie sitting in her ordinary nylon collar scratching her neck, I thought, this just isn’t good enough for my baby. Her collar is the only thing she wears all day so doesn’t she deserve better? Despite trying I simply couldn’t find either the style or quality that my Maddie deserved. It was then that the idea for Style Hound was born. I searched suppliers all over the world to bring together a truly exceptional selection of the highest quality leather dog collars and leads. Maddie now has a favourite collar and lead, from the Style Hound collection, that she absolutely adores.

I am so proud for Style Hound to present this collection to you to share with your special fur baby.


All collars and leads in the Style Hound range are handcrafted in Europe and the USA from the highest quality genuine leather, with intricate workmanship and solid, elegant hardware. You won’t find any mass-produced cheap leather copies, scratchy unlined leather, dubious dyes, sharp rivets or cheap hardware. Maddie is our chief quality inspector and if it’s not good enough for Maddie then it’s not good enough for Style Hound.


Style is our first name and equally important to quality. Our range of collars and leads have been carefully selected to look impeccably stylish, elegant and individual so that your pet will be the envy of all in the park.

Maddie the Style Hound Australia German Shepherd wearing her pink Tough Luxe crystal leather collar sitting in front of a black car

Why Style Hound?

  • We are absolutely committed to bringing you the highest quality dog accessories. Our doggies deserve it.
  • Our collars and leads bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, comfort, style and beautiful collars and leads that are as individual as each of the dogs who’ll be wearing them.
  • Big dogs, small dogs, all dogs…our range caters to every size and shape of dog. We love them all!!
  • To complete your luxury shopping experience all Style Hound purchases come to you in our complimentary gift box.

We'd love to hear from you

Please send us your feedback, suggestions, special requests or send us a photograph of your special “style hound” so we can share it with our Style Hound community.
Call us on 0400577551, send us an email at or use our Contact form.

Thank you for visiting us and please enjoy your luxury shopping experience at Style Hound.

Imola and Maddie   Maddie paw print signature

Maddie the German Shepherd and Imola Novak, Style Hound Owner, sitting in the bush facing each other with backs to the camera