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Suede Opulence Leather Collar - Camel

Suede Opulence Leather Collar - Camel

$70.00 AUD

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Richly embossed warm camel suede leather gives this collar a sumptuous texture and luxuriously soft feel. Reminiscent of lavish brocade.

Indulge your pet in pure opulence! 

Pair with a matching camel embossed Suede Leather lead.

  • 100% genuine 2 ply suede leather
  • Warm camel embossed suede leather outer
  • Warm camel embossed suede leather lining
  • Matching stitching
  • Polished edging
  • Polished chrome buckle
  • Width:
         1.3cm wide for sizes 25-35
         2.0cm wide for sizes 45-50
         2.5cm wide for sizes 60-66
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Size Guide for Suede Opulence

Please use the following guide to select the correct size for the Suede Opulence collar as sizing may vary between our collar styles. For more information on how to measure your dog correctly please view our Sizing page.

Collar Size          Fits neck size

25cm                    14cm to 19cm
30cm                    19cm to 23cm
35cm                    24cm to 28cm
45cm                    27cm to 36cm
50cm                    32cm to 41cm
60cm                    41cm to 49cm
66cm                    47cm to 56cm